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Online Casino Games: Pick the Best Casino to Play in Canada!

Online casinos have become so popular that there are literally thousands of options available. Finding the online casinos and the games that are best suited for you can take a long time and a lot of energy.

That’s where we come in. offers a comprehensive portal featuring the most important information regarding online casinos and gaming in Canada. Our team of gambling enthusiasts knows the ins and outs of the online gaming industry and has carefully reviewed and compared the best online casino games for Canadian players. Knowing where to play the best online casino games can bring bigger payouts and bonuses.

Best Canadian Casinos for Online Casino Games

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For Canadian players, by Canadian players

What makes us unique? Well, aside from our staff of experienced gamblers, we specialize in finding the best online casinos for Canadians. Unlike other gaming portals, our reviews specifically focus on Canadian casino players, pointing out the key advantages for Canucks including:

  • Top casino bonuses in Canada
  • Convenient online banking in CAD
  • Reliable Canada-based support in French and English
  • Legal Canada online casinos
  • Entertaining gaming options
  • And more!

Canadian players looking for the best online casino games have come to the right place. As mentioned above, we conduct extensive research searching for casino games with the most variety, highest payouts, reliable customer support, and most innovative software. Now let’s take a closer look at how we review Canadian online casinos.

Popular Online Casino Games

We are constantly hunting for the best casinos online

Legitimacy: First of all, we feature legitimate and trustworthy online casinos, legally available in Canada. We have the highest standards in quality and security so you only play safe online casinos. We only feature reputable casinos that provide fair gaming results and always pay their players on time.

Money Issues: Next, our reviews consider different parameters such as whether the casino accepts popular Canadian online payment methods or accepts payment in CAD. We consider how long it takes to make deposits or withdraw payouts from Canada. In addition, our reviews take a look at other important factors such as wagering requirements, possible fees, and the length of time to complete transactions.

Customer support:We test whether the casino offers convenient and reliable 24/7 customer support to Canadians.

Promotions: When it comes to online casino games, Canadian players will look for certain features to make their online gaming experience even better. Of course, we also look at the casino bonuses and promotions available to Canadian players so you can get the most from your money.

All of this and more will help determine the best Canadian online casino games making your gaming experience more thrilling than ever.

Everything you need to get your playing to the next level

Whether a professional gambler or new to the game, our site offers comprehensive information relevant to anyone, no matter their experience level. We provide a one-stop resource for all the best online casino games in Canada along with exclusive bonuses, free trials, the best strategies, the latest industry news, and more.

Our beginner’s guide will help those interested in learning to play get started. Let’s begin by taking a look at the top online casino games and what they have to offer:

Online Slots

As the most popular online casino game, slot machines or slots represent a classic option for gamblers. Anyone can learn the basic rules of slot machines. Players start by placing a bet before pushing a button that spins reels filled with different symbols like fruits, numbers, or even their favorite character from comic books. The symbols land in random order and pay out real money if they match along a payline.

Online Card Games

Card based games offer a sophisticated option at the casino involving the perfect blend of skill and chance with a touch of class. When playing online, card games typically imitate the look and feel of a real casino while allowing gamblers to play from the comfort of their own homes or on the go via mobile devices. Popular online casino card games include versions of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, and pai gow poker.

Online Dice Games

Dice games represent some of the oldest casino games ever invented. Any gambling establishment wouldn’t be the same without favorites such as online craps and sic bo. Just like in a real casino, online casino dice games randomly generate dice combinations. Landing on the right combo rewards fabulous real money pay outs. Hopefully, lady luck will stay by your side!

Online Video Poker

Video poker has become a popular favorite at all of the top online casinos because it’s both stylish and easy to play. In video poker, the player first places a bet before pressing the “deal” button. Then the casino computer randomly deals five cards from a virtual deck. The player then has the opportunity to discard some of the cards in exchange for new ones. Then, if the player has a winning combination, they win real money!

Online Roulette

Whether you prefer French and Euro-style or enjoy the American version, no casino would be complete without roulette as an option. Just like at a regular casino, with online roulette, players place bets by laying chips on the table. Then the computer spins the roulette wheel with a spinning ball. Enjoy the suspense as you wait to see where the ball lands and whether or not you take home the cash winnings.

Number Based Games

Online casinos often include number based games like bingo and keno. These popular games are not only entertaining, but offer rewarding pay outs for lucky winners. With online bingo, players receive a card filled with numbers. As the computer draws numbers randomly, the player marks each listed on their sheet and wins for any complete rows or columns. Keno is played in a similar way except players can choose numbers, typically between 1 and 20, before the game begins.

Online Blackjack Games

These are quite simply the internet rendition of the classic table game of blackjack. Several renowned providers have released many impressive variations of the traditional blackjack. You can find them easily among the top online casino games of Canada.

On the online casino games of blackjack, you choose your betting amount, play the hand you want and wait for the results! This game is available in both virtual and live dealer varieties.

Online Bingo Games

Online bingo games are the go-to place for players who love to socialize. Among online casino games in Canada, a bingo room basically functions similar to chat rooms where you can communicate with other players.
Usually, an online casino platform offers both free and paid bingo rooms. So you can try out the free one if it’s your first time. However, remember that the free rooms don’t pay out much in rewards.

In contrast, the paid ones with bigger prizes can be more worth your time. Try to join the jackpot bingo rooms for maximum rewards.

Online Baccarat

Indulge yourself in the exciting online editions of the good old traditional casino game of baccarat. Similar to the land-based casinos, an online baccarat game also functions by offering the bettor to bet on the player or the banker. The result can go either way which maintains the excitement of sheer suspense.

You have the freedom to choose any online rendition of this classic game from the hundreds of options offered by multiple providers.

Live Casino Games

Those who enjoy the thrill and interaction playing in an actual casino will find a similar experience with live casino games. Also known as live dealer games, live casino streams a croupier from an actual casino who deals a live deck and typically interacts with players. Live casino games include both single and multi-player blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat.

Mobile Casino Games

The popularity of mobile devices has made a big change in the gaming industry. Now, online casino players can access their favorite games like slots, roulette, blackjack, and more right from their smartphone or tablet. Typically, online casinos offer an app or flash versions of some of their most popular games so gamblers can play right from their mobile devices.

FAQ’s About Online Casino Games

Online casino games are the digital or virtual gambling games you can play online. The online casino platforms are also called internet casinos and virtual casinos. The games offered here mostly include slots but also comes with their fair share of many modern versions of traditional table games, scratch cards, live dealers and jackpots.
It all begins when a registered player of the platform launches a game available there and makes his first bet. Usually, they need to make a deposit first through the payment methods available on the casino site. The first deposit generally guarantees a pre-packaged bonus balance or free spins or both for this new player. Based on random number generators, the player can hit a winning combination of slot symbols and win the respective reward set for that combination.
Playing online casino games in Canada can get a little tricky. That is because there are some variations of online casino games that are legitimized in this country, but there are also others that are considered illegal. So you need to research a little bit to know which online games in Canada are legal for you to play.
There is no foolproof way to beat online casino games since the whole result depends on a random number generator. Relying on this randomness is essential to ensure fairness of the gameplay. However, one way to maximize your winning potential is by making the most of the Welcome Bonus and similar offers available on the respective online casino platform.
Picking a few names out of the thousand online casino games paying real money is next to impossible. Such games are present in almost every casino game category like slots, table games, live dealer and more. For safe play, you can check out their free demo versions before staking real money on the spins.