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Craps Strategy

Call it casino craps, table craps or just plain old craps, it’s all one in the same. Two dice, a table, a shooter and plenty of betting rounds. It’s probably one of the harder games to get a handle on, but once you do, it’s also one of the best for lowering the house odds. How you do that has to do with the craps strategy you employ, which in turn mostly has to do with how and when you bet.

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Best Craps Bets

When you’re getting started playing online craps, the different types of bets out there may seem endless. They are not. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be playing like a pro in no time. But with all those craps bets and their fanciful names to choose from, it’s not always easy knowing where to begin. So let’s begin with the best – the best craps bets that are, for lowering the house edge and significantly increasing your odds.

  • Pass Line bets – The Pass Line bet is considered by many in the business your best odds bet in craps. The most basic out of all the craps bets, it’s also known as “right way” betting, as you (like most other players at the table) are backing the shooter to win. That is, if the shooter gets a 7 or 11, you win. At just 1.41%, it also has amongst the lowest house edges of the bets on the table.
  • Don’t Pass Line bets – The Don’t Pass Line bet is the exact opposite in practice to the Pass Line bet. That is if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, this time you lose. On the other hand, a come out roll of 2 or 3 grants you a win. This betting against the shooter, or the “wrong way” has a slightly lower house edge than the Pass Line bet, at just 1.36% (that’s a good thing).
  • Come/Don’t Come Bets – These two bets have the exact same house odds as the Pass/Don’t Pass Line bets, at 1.41% and 1.36% respectively (very low indeed!). And you can actually bet both on a single roll, though that’s a little less recommended. While safer overall, the downside of the bets listed thus far is the 1:1 payout which is not where you’re going to make your big bucks if that’s your thing.
  • Place 6 / Place 8 bet – This is actually a better bet than the ones above because it has a low house edge (1.52%) and a better payout at 7:6.


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Worst Craps Bets

As important as knowing which craps bets are best, is being clear about which craps bets to avoid. The bad bets, also known as sucker bets, often have temptingly high payouts. So if you’re a high-roller or a daredevil or the like, then perhaps they may be your thing. But mostly, good online craps strategists would say they’re best shunned.

  • Proposition Bets – Any 7, Any Craps, Any 11, Craps 11, Any 2 or Any 12 may look like fun bets, especially with a payout of up to 30:1, but with a very high house edge, they’re a dangerous proposition indeed (pun intended).
  • Hardway Bets – While the pay is high at 7:1 or 9:1, with just a single roll to hit your number, your odds of winning these bets are very slim, hence not worth the risk.
  • The Big 6 and Big 8 Bets – These bets are pretty useless with a very high house edge of some 9.09% and a rather lame payout of just 1:1.

Craps Tips

With so many bets to choose from, it can be hard getting craps “right”. The truth is, there’s no right or wrong, but there are certainly more beneficial ways to play.

  • Learn the craps odds – There are odds and payouts associated with every bet. Get to know them, to better understand the game, and form an informed opinion on how to bet.
  • Practice – Ready to roll? Practice free online craps at one of our preferred craps casinos like Betway Casino, Jackpot City, or Royal Vegas, recommended especially for Canadian players.
  • Bet wisely – Good bankroll management is an essential for any casino game to be a success. But this is up to you. You need to play responsibly in terms of the money and time you’re putting into the game. Use your head more than your heart, and invest in increments you can afford.


Craps, with its two dice and a long list of bets, is an interesting, engaging, and frankly, downright exciting game, which when played right, has a surprisingly low house edge. But it takes some practice to get the hang of it, and understand which craps bets are best for you.

For good craps strategy, begin with the simpler bets, with a lower house edge, and adjust from there. You can start for free at any one of our recommended craps casinos, practicing as you play, or make a deposit and prepare for the real craps thrill. Up to you!

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