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Online Sic Bo

If you’re looking for a game of pure luck, and love the roll of the dice, then Sic Bo is the game for you! Also known as dice pair or precious dice (translate it as you will), this ancient Chinese game offers loads of fun, three dice, a table, and a wide range of bets.

Lesser known in Canadian casinos than the other main casino dice game – craps – it’s recently gained in popularity, and can be found in most online casinos, including all those in our recommended Canadian Sic Bo casino list below.

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 Rules of Sic Bo

The Sic Bo game: Origins in China, has enjoyed widespread popularity in Asia for many years, in particular within the casinos of Macau. In recent years it has moved to the glitter and glamour of Las Vegas and other overseas casinos (including Niagara Falls and Windsor), where it’s now a mainstay.

The roll of the dice: While many like to play casino games with a little skill in mind, others prefer something super easy. That’s in fact one of the reasons players love Sic Bo so much; because there is no Sic Bo strategy to employ. A game that’s based entirely on luck, and the roll of the dice, it requires little thought and plenty of play (which is what many see as its advantage over craps).

So how does Sic Bo work? Basically it’s a table and dice game, played with three dice. Once you’ve taken a seat around the table, you’ll need to choose an area of the table upon which to place your bet. The dealer then shakes the small chest that holds the three dice, opens the chest, and reveals the combination.

You will either win or lose, based on the outcome of the roll and where on the table you placed your bet. This of course, is a bit different than craps, which can have a couple of rolls required before determining the outcome of the game.

There is a huge range of Sic Bo bets that you can make. Each bet has different odds with a different payout table, that can vary between where you play. So if you play in Macau, for example, you may have certain payouts while online Sic Bo may have others.

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 Main bet Types

  • Big or Small – These are the most common Sic Bo bets and involves adding up the sum of the dice to a big number (11-17) or a small number (4-10)
  • Odd or Even – Here you choose if the total sum of the three dice rolled will be odd or even
  • Total sum – This is a bet on the outcome of all three dice
  • Triple numbers – When you wager that three of a kind of a specific number will be rolled (for example: 2,2,2 or 3,3,3)
  • Any triple bet – When you wager that three of a kind will be rolled, without specifying the number
  • Double – A bet that two of a kind will be rolled
  • Exact numbers – Bet on any of the 15 possible combinations formed by two of the three dice
  • Any numbers – Predict the exact number on any (one or all) of the dice

Sic Bo house edge in comparison to other games

Although there is no strategy involved, what there is in each Sic Bo game is a wide range of bets, as detailed above. Each of these types of bets offers its own payout table, which can vary from establishment to establishment. The house edge, accordingly, also varies per bet type.

If you’re looking to keep the Sic Bo casino house edge down, then an Odd/Even or Big/Small bet is your best choice. With a house edge of approximately 2.78%, it’s the lowest the game offers, and is also well within the range of other casino games.

That being said if you’re looking for the big payout, and aren’t afraid of a big bet, then you may want to give something like the Triple bet option a try. Sure, the house advantage is high at around 30%, but it can also pay off big time, which is certainly worth it to some.

Variations of Sic Bo

In addition to playing Sic Bo online, there are other variations of the game available. Some would say that online craps is the next best thing. True, we do love craps as well, and there are some strong similarities, but they’re not exactly the same.

Closer is the English game of Grand Hazard, which is also played with three dice and a cup or chute (instead of the small chest).

Or if you prefer, there’s an American variation that’s called Chuck-a-luck (or Sweat Cloth) which also has three dice, and a bird cage-like device (instead of the small chest or cup). Chuck-a-luck used to be fairly popular in Vegas casinos, but now has mostly been replaced by Sic Bo tables, which offer many more options for bets.

Top 5 Sic Bo tips

Since there is no strategy involved when playing Sic Bo, the tips we can offer mostly have to do with game choice and bet types.

  1. Play Sic Bo online in practice mode in free casino games to get a feel for the game
  2. Keep in mind, this is a 100% luck-based game; you can do nothing to ensure a “better” outcome of the dice
  3. There are no patterns to look out for in Sic Bo; each roll stands alone and is in no way an indicator of what came before (or what’s to come after)
  4. If you’re looking for a lower house edge (i.e. better odds), go with the Big/Small or Odd/Even bets
  5. If you’re looking for a big payday (and aren’t afraid of taking a hit), then try the lower odd wagers like the Triple bet


If you’ve yet to enjoy the thrill of Sic Bo, then we highly recommend giving it a try. A true game of chance, all you need to do is place your bet and see how the three dice land. Go for the easier bets of Big or Small or try a big payoff wager like a specific Triple bet – whichever you prefer, you’re in for a treat at any one of our recommended online Sic Bo casinos.