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Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are one of the greatest inventions of internet gaming. Sure the standard fare of slots, blackjack and roulette are what most people seek in an online casino. But in our opinion, a good scratch card offering makes all the difference.

Already itching to scratch online and experience the thrill first-hand? Check out our top online scratch & win sites below for a guaranteed good time.

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How to play scratch card games

Odds are pretty good you already know how to play a standard scratch card game. Purchase it at the gas station, convenience store counter or from any other vendor, find a hard surface, take out a coin (or get ready to dirty a finger nail), and scratch away to see if you win.

Online scratch: Online scratch & win games work in pretty much the same way. The only difference is that you’ll need to go to an online casino to access them (we of course recommend visiting one of our favourites as listed above), navigate to the scratch card section in the lobby or on the website, and click on a game’s title to begin.

The scratch ticket: Once you’ve selected your scratch game of choice, the scratch ticket will open on your screen. It will look almost identical to the offline format you’re used to. Now all you have to do is place your bet (or choose your card value, depending on the options offered by the game), and virtually scratch away. Most online tickets will allow you to play in a manner that perfectly mimics regular play. That is, you can either scratch off each of the spaces one-by-one, or choose to reveal all the symbols at once.

Sound effects: To keep things lifelike when you scratch online, any decent game will also be accompanied by sound effects for the actual scratching, and often music for a win. As with online slots, many online scratch card games will also offer you the option for ‘Auto play’ meaning you click the button once, and a pre-determined number of cards are automatically played.

Free play: Most online casinos will also offer you the option for free games scratch cards, to better acquaint yourself with the format or to try a new game. Once you’re ready for the big leagues, just click the button on your screen marked ‘Real Money’ (or something similarly intuitive) to move your play to real money wagers.

Scratch card odds

Game of luck:Scratch cards are 100% a game of luck. The good news here is that you don’t have to spend a single second worrying about strategy. On the other hand, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to inspire a win (other than perhaps perseverance).

1 in 3 cards win: Many online sites will pitch scratch cards with the lure that 1 in 3 cards win. That sounds pretty tempting indeed, and while it may be true at some sites, it doesn’t necessarily hold across the board, and certainly doesn’t hold true for jackpot wins. Other sources have the number at 1 in 5 cards winning. Truthfully, neither is an exact science. But keeping in mind that many tickets pay off in the form of a free ticket, or a small amount, both possibilities seem quite reasonable to us.

94-97% return on investment: More accurate odds in terms of payout according to our research, are something like 94-97% return on investment, depending on where you play. This is pretty similar to slots and if you go with the higher end, quite in tune with blackjack, roulette and even Sic Bo. In other words, the odds of a scratch card win are more or less the same as any of the other popular online casino games.

Variations of scratch cards

The variety of scratch card games: available online is rivalled only by the number of slots (if that). In fact, many slot games have made their way into the scratch format, so you can play popular themed titles in both ways.

our recommended online casinos:  As you can see for yourself when entering their virtual doors, has an entire section devoted to online scratch game play. Under the scratch tab you will find a wide selection of games with engaging styles, themes, and payouts.

Playtech:  Probably the best when it comes to online scratch cards with some of the best themes (and game play) on the market. If you’re looking for blockbuster fun, we highly recommend getting started with the perpetual winner Gladiator Scratch. Christmas around the corner? Get in the spirit with Santa Scratch! Itching for the Easter Bunny? Give Easter Surprise a go. Looking for a laugh? There’s always Monty Python’s Spamalot Scratch to keep you entertained. While each game has its own engaging theme, what you’ll find in common across all Playtech scratch cards is simple, fun play.

The amounts you can win: 5,000X your card value is not uncommon, and is certainly the case in Playtech’s Gladiator, Irish Luck, and the Rocky scratch card games. And again, similarly to slots, the amount you can win in scratch games is based on the amount you’ve bet (i.e. the card value you’ve chosen). In addition, some games offer a jackpot prize, while others compensate you with smaller wins starting at free games and up.


They may be simple, but there’s something about scratch card games that’s SO compelling. Move the format online, as our recommended casinos have done, and they’re simply pure bliss! Fun, engaging, with a tad of suspense beneath, online scratch & win games are a must for all online players. But hey, you likely already know that. Now all you have to do is try the best of them at one of our top Canadian online casinos as detailed above.