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Online Poker

What if you could win millions of dollars playing games online? It happens every day with online poker games. Guys like Phil Ivey won over $19 million dollars playing an online poker tournament. Who knows? Maybe you could be next.

Online poker brings the excitement of the poker rooms right into your living room. From Texas hold’em to Omaha, you can find sophisticated online poker tables in Canada with plenty of variety and huge cash prizes.

So whether you’re new to online poker games or just looking to find the best online poker sites, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve included how to play online and where to find The best gaming options in Canada.

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Basic Rules: How to Play Texas Hold’em

If you’re new to the game or just need a refresher, we’ve got you covered with the basic rules. Although online poker games include plenty of variations, we’ll go over how to play one of the most popular versions, Texas hold’em.

Pre Flop: At the beginning of Texas hold’em, each player receives two cards face down, known as the hole cards. Now, each player has the opportunity to check, bet, or fold.

The Flop: After each player decides whether to check, bet, or fold, then all three shared cards are dealt face up in the center of the table. This part of the game is called the flop.

The Turn: Players go through another series of betting before the dealer adds a fourth card into the middle shared pile.

The River: Players go through another series of betting before the dealer adds the final shared card during the part of the game called the river. Then, there is a final round of betting.

The End: Players decide their best 5-card hand based on their three cards and the five cards in the middle shared hand. Texas hold’em has two varieties to decide the winner. In a showdown, the player with the best hand wins. However, most hands end in Texas hold’em when player bets so much that the other players fold.

Texas Hold’Em Hands:

Whether you’re playing poker online free games or for real money, the object of the game is to come up with the best hand possible. Below we’ve included the standard hands from highest to lowest.

  • Royal Flush: A straight flush including an ace, king, queen, jack, and 10 of the same suit
  • Straight Flush: A hand containing all of one suit in continuous sequence
  • Four of a Kind: A hand containing four cards of the same rank
  • Full House: A hand containing three matching cards of one rank and two matching cards of another rank
  • Flush: A hand containing five non-sequential cards of the same suit
  • Straight: A hand containing sequential cards in at least different suits
  • Three of a Kind: A hand containing three cards of the same rank
  • Two pairs: A hand containing two cards of the same rank plus another set of cards of the same rank
  • One pair or less: A hand containing two cards of the same rank


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We just went over the rules of Texas hold’em, but you can find many variations at the best online poker sites. Each type of game has its own rules regarding the hand values, the number of betting rounds, and moves in between rounds. You will usually come across three standard variations of poker:

  • Draw Poker: Players receive a complete hand hidden and then improve the hand by replacing cards with new ones.
  • Stud Poker: Players receive a combination of cards facing up and facing down in multiple betting rounds.
  • Community card poker: Players get an incomplete hidden hand and combine that hand with a shared one (such as in Texas hold’em).

Over 40 million people worldwide play online, making this one of the most popular casino games. Because of the immense popularity of the game, online casinos introduced many game variations at their casinos. In addition to Texas hold’em, you can find games like Caribbean Stud Poker, Omaha, poker machines, live dealer poker games, and more.

Gamblers like to play Caribbean stud poker because it uses the basic rules, but the games take up much less time. In addition, players could win a huge progressive jackpot. Video poker machines also incorporate poker hands but offer quick deal rounds, similar to slot machines.

Omaha hold’em or simply Omaha stands out as a popular poker variation. Similar to Texas hold’em, Omaha is a community card poker game in which each player receives four dealt cards and must make their best hand using two cards plus three of the five community cards.

Playing Options

Tournaments – In addition to variations on online poker games, you can find different game formats at gambling sites in Canada. Tournaments have become very popular among gamblers. In tournaments, players bet with chips that are not worth anything outside of the tournament. Players are paid according to where they finish in the tournament. Tournaments can involve one or even multiple tables. Usually, these last until one winner remains with all of the chips.

Sit and Go – Gambling sites often feature Sit and Go tournaments. This type of game format involves a single table. Usually, the table has two, six, or nine seats. Once the table has the required number of players seated, then the tournament can “go” or start. A Sit and Go tournaments work the same as a regular tournament, except that players start with an equal number of chips and betting start lower.

Online gamblers in Canada will find plenty of online poker real money games as well as free casino games available. Sometimes gambling sites have casino games available right in the casino. Other sites have specialized poker rooms that exclusively offer different kinds of games and tournaments.

Poker Sites – Some of the most popular poker sites include 888Casino, Betway Casino,, William Hill Casino, and PokerStars. These sites offer the most popular games in Canada like Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Caribbean stud, poker machines, and more. You can also find different types of tournaments available at these Canadian poker rooms.

We carefully put together our list of recommended poker sites in Canada after trying out these sites for ourselves. We’ve competed in tournaments and tested free games to rate the most exciting and rewarding online poker sites. To find the best online casino sites specifically for Canucks, we also found out about other player’s experiences at Canadian poker portals


Whether you love the thrill of Texas hold’em games or prefer to place your bets on Caribbean stud poker, Canadian players have many options to choose from at online casinos. You can go up against other players in different tournaments. Meanwhile, online poker free games let you enjoy the game and practice risk-free. No matter which type of game you prefer, Canadian online casinos have many entertaining and rewarding options available.

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