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About us

Our mission

Here at we’ve set out to build a little oasis of online casino refreshment for Canadian players. We’re obviously not an online casino ourselves, but as enthusiastic consumers of online casino gaming we’ve responded to our own frustration at easily finding reliable information on how, what and where to play by creating this site as the kind of resource we’d hoped to find!

All of us come from the perspective of being true players like you. We’re people with jobs outside of the casino industry, who simply love a bit of online casino gaming as a leisure activity that sometimes comes with the thrill of some nice wins from time-to-time. We play for pleasure, and it’s also our pleasure to share with you the expertise we’ve built up over the many years we’ve been playing to deliver honest and authentic advice on the current crop of games and online casinos we rate, together with guides on how to get the very best experience from your time online.

We’re delighted that we can offer you all the content on this site entirely for free, but running does take time that means it can’t be entirely a labour of love. For that reason, we fund the site through a mix of advertising and have associations with the brands we review. What we don’t and won’t do is recommend online casinos we don’t truly believe offer reliable and secure gaming. We only feature operators and games that we would, and indeed do, play with our own money. We aspire to be your trusted guide to what is truly the best online casino gaming, and we can only achieve that by being truthful and sincere in what we do. We hope you like our style!

Our team

200x185__thumb_88328Zoe Martin: Zoe is a freelance journalist by day, and a dedicated slot botherer by night. Her background in journalism meant we thought she fitted the ‘editor’ hat very well (it’s a jaunty little number, which makes Zoe look très chic too), so that’s the role she takes here at

Born and bred in Edmonton, Zoe’s work has taken her to many exotic places around the world but she still loves to call Canada her home. Her fondness for casino gaming came from visiting the land-based clubs in Edmonton, but the explosion in online casino gaming in the last ten years has let her really indulge her passion for slots! Favourite game? That’s like asking her to pick her favourite child . . .



200x185__thumb_88350Brian Cassidy: Brian brings the techno brains to our operation, with the neatly ironed shirt and thick-rimmed specs to confirm his geek status. Unashamed of his love of science-fiction, 8-bit gaming consoles and web-coding, Brian also uses his considerable capacity with digits into play when immersing himself in his favourite online video poker and casino table games. He’s a beast at Blackjack, and has also shown a recent talent for mixing one of the meanest Mojitos we’ve tried.





200x190__thumb_88327Ashley Sommerville: With a background in digital marketing and the dark arts of SEO, Ashley brings a wealth of professional experience to help us stand out from the crowd. At six-foot-tall without heels, Ashley also stands out from the crowd at her local land-based casino! Less obviously conspicuous at her favourite online casinos, Ashley has a taste for classic casino gaming, and loves not only the traditional cool of European Roulette but also the old skool vibe of online Vegas slots. That said, her addiction to HBO’s Game of Thrones, means she always keeps a mobile Microgaming-powered casino handy to get in some sessions on Game of Thrones slot every week.



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