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European Roulette

We all like some intercontinental travel now and then. But is online European roulette worth the virtual trip? If you play locally at one of our top European roulette casinos, we’re sure it is! 

How to Play

European roulette is a roulette game like all others: when it comes to the basics of play. So if you know the basic rules of roulette, then you’re good to go. But if you’re looking to play European roulette online, and you’re new to the online format, you may want to first familiarize yourself with how it works

  • Create a casino account – In order to play European roulette online, you will first need to create a casino account. With so many places to choose from, we’d say your best bet is to start at one of our recommended casinos for Canadians, above.
  • Roulette bonus – Once you’ve signed up, it’s time to make a deposit and collect on your welcome bonus. This money can be used on all games, including spinning of the European roulette wheel.
  • Choose your roulette game – But in order to start spinning, you’ll need to choose your game first. Once logged into the casino, go to the ‘Table Games’ or ‘Roulette’ tab, and in this case select ‘European Roulette’.
  • Place your bet – Once you’ve opened the game, you’re ready to play. First you’ll need to place a wager, choosing the chip value (usually ranging from $1 up to a max of $100), and the number of chips you’d like to bet, by stacking them on the section of the table corresponding to your bet of choice (i.e. on a particular number or colour).
  • Spin – If you’re playing Online Roulette, there is an actual croupier who sets the pace. But most online European roulette games have you doing the dirty work, meaning you’ll need to press ‘Spin’ yourself.

Play European Roulette for Free

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European Roulette vs. Regular Roulette

  • There are three main types of roulette you’re likely to hear about: European roulette, French roulette, and American roulette. What is regular, of course, depends on which side of the Atlantic you find yourself. Here in Canada, most players tend to prefer the American version, but overseas it’s a mix-up between European and French roulette. But what are the differences?
  • Let’s start with the difference between European and American roulette. The European roulette wheel has 37 slots; 36 of which alternate in color between red and black, each marked with a number, and one that is colored green, and marked with a zero. The American roulette wheel is very similar, though the sequence of numbers differs, and there is a total of 38 slots, with both a “0” and a “00” added to the mix. In dollar terms, since the European wheel has fewer numbers, it also has a lower house edge (around 2.7%), which is good for you.
  • When it comes to European versus French roulette, the differences are even fewer. In fact, with the exact same wheel, most would consider these two games interchangeable. The most minor of differences perhaps can be found between the French and European roulette rules. That is in French roulette, players can use what is called the La Partage rule (which helps reduce the house edge on even money bets), which is not available according to European roulette rules.

Playing Regular Roulette Online

Whatever your roulette game of choice, it’s always a good choice to play it online, especially at those casinos recommended by us here at Online Casino Games Canada. Going with one of our recommendations ensures you’re putting your money in a casino that’s safe, reliable, and in this case, has the best European roulette games.

It also means you’ll be getting a great welcome bonus, which as you know, means lots of extra funds for playing your favorite roulette game. Plus, since all of our top online casinos offer European roulette free game play, you’re able to put your European roulette strategy into practice, before making the move to real money wagers.

And, if you’re interested in mobile roulette, all of our recommended casinos offer a mobile platform, compatible with iOS and Android devices, with exceptionally well-operating mobile roulette games.

Regular Roulette Tips

Whether it’s European roulette rules, American roulette strategy, or French roulette betting systems that interest you, there are a few tips to keep in mind when playing online roulette:

  • Types of bets –There are a lot of different types of bets you can make on the roulette wheel. For those getting started, it’s easiest to go with a number or a colour, or something similar. But if you’re serious about roulette play, then you should be familiarising yourself with the more creative options like Voisins du zero, Jeu zero, Orphelins, Neighbours, and more.
  • Paytable – Each type of bet pays at a different rate. It’s good to familiarise yourself with each game’s paytable, so you best understand your odds.
  • House-edge – Different types of roulette have a different house edge. European roulette, like French roulette, has a lower house edge of 2.7%, while American roulette has a higher house edge of 5.26%. House edge isn’t everything, but it’s worth noting.
  • Practice – One of the biggest advantages of playing online is the option to play in practice mode so for example, you can enjoy European roulette free game play.
  • Bankroll management – You need to bet according to your financial status. That is, never bet more than you can lose. Ever. Do not chase losses in hope that they will be recovered. And if you don’t have a lot of money, make lots of smaller bets, to extend your playing time.
  • Luck – There is a small amount of skill involved in roulette, but mostly, it’s a game of luck. Keep this in mind at all times, and bet accordingly.