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Player Recommendation: Twin Spin Slots

Player Recommendation: Twin Spin Slots

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August 31, 2017
By Jane M.

Although it’s two years old (give or take), there’s still so much to love about NetEnt’s great Twin Spin slot game.

Firstly, it has a rather nice 243 payways, which – if you’re anything like me – makes me feel like I’m more than likely to win more often than not! The symbols are beautifully rendered, and the game spins nicely and smoothly – as you’d expect from NetEnt.

It looks kinda like your standard, classic slot – but it’s anything but. Don’t let the symbols fool you either – the 7s and fruit might look old-skool, but this game isn’t.

The Wild symbol is a symbol saying Wild. So far, so straightforward.

The Twin Spin Feature

You first need to see the game in action. Check it out here:

You see that? The name ‘Twin Spin’ comes from the piece de resistance of the game itself – two identical reels, spinning alongside one another. Plus during each spin, the twin reels can further divide into three, four or five further reels which, you guessed it – means even more potential wins for you, not to mention those 243 payways!

Otherwise, coin bets range from 0.01 to 0.5, so this is not a game for those high rollers. The maximum jackpot win is also 1000 coins, which isn’t much to write home about…but the game itself has a very generous RTP of 97%.

For some players, the lack of any extras (other than, you know – 243 payways and two reels which later split into smaller reels) might be a bit of a turn off, but not for me. I can happily play this game over and over and not get bored – in fact, when it was first released, I played it for two days straight! I highly recommend each and every player to try it out – you’ll definitely find something you like about it!

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