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Netent vs Microgaming's Multihand Blackjack

Netent vs Microgaming's Multihand Blackjack

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August 13, 2017
The beautiful game of 21 has long been a favourite of casino goers. The game offers great odds and a strong chance of winning some impressive sums – it’s become one of the online gaming industry’s most popular classic casino games. Two of the industries most recognizable software developers have created an online version, so just what do NetEnt and Microgaming have to offer?


In terms of gameplay, both games are pretty similar. They both offer a multi-hand version, which gives you more chances of beating the house. However, the Microgaming version allows you to play up to 5 hands, whereas the Netent version only offers you the chance to play with 3. Both games follow the regular blackjack rules, such as the dealer must stand on 17.  Both games offer you the chance to play for high stakes, with high max bets available, however, NetEnt has a higher reported RTP of 99.59%.


While both games have superb visual displays, with realistic casino dealer tables and HD graphics, NetEnt have the edge in this department. Their overall display is slicker than their rivals, and they have slightly more realistic casino sounds.

The NetEnt also has a neat extra little feature, they have also chosen to display in the top right-hand corner of the Blackjack game screen the last 10 hands total values that were dealt out to the dealer. Admittedly, knowing which cards were previously dealt won’t have an effect on your winning chances on any further hands dealt out, due to the shoe of cards always being shuffled before a new game is put into play, however,  you may find that Dealer Card History display of some use.

Entertainment Value

In terms of entertainment, these games are pretty much equal. They both offer a great online version of the classic casino game, with great odds. The multi hand option adds to the excitement as there are many possible chances of winning.

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