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Microgaming's Mega Moolah Slot Spills its $11.5 Million Jackpot


Microgaming's Mega Moolah Slot Spills its $11.5 Million Jackpot

Written by Jake Burgess
October 28, 2017
If you’ve ever played online slots, you’ve no doubt heard of Mega Moolah – it’s the highest-paying progressive slot in the world, once stomping out an incredible £13 million to a player in the UK (around $22 million CAD), and is probably the most frequently played to boot.

Well, its just recently been won again (the jackpot is usually released several times per year) for a whopping $11.5 million. While only half the value of the all-time highest jackpot, it’s still a completely life-changing sum.

First released by Microgaming back in 2006, Mega Moolah has gone from strength to strength, despite its basic animations and graphics. While more techy and visually-appealing slots have come and gone over the years, the sheer magnitude of Mega Moolah payouts remains extremely attractive to players.


Another Day, Another Dream Fulfilled

It’s everyone’s dream to wake up, turn on the computer and discover that your lottery ticket came through. Or that one of your forays into online gambling will eventually lead to the big-time jackpot win. For one lucky player this October, that’s exactly what happened.

Jackpots like Mega Moolah are usually won a handful of times each year, but the prizes are so vast that they continue to reel in more and more players every single year.

If you’re an online slots player, you must have spent at least a few hours wondering how winning millions of dollars would change your life…well, keep playing safely and maybe one day you’ll find out!

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