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Gambling En Route To Mars

Gambling En Route To Mars

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August 25, 2017
The monumental and historic first human trip is cautiously scheduled for sometime in 2030, and preparations are already underway. As astronauts and eager space travellers gear up for the projected trip to Mars, many are wondering just how they are going to pass the time on the year long journey.

So How Will They?

Various ideas have been bandied around, but one suggestion which is being considered is gambling. The idea has gained traction because it gambling can still be done at zero gravity. The All Slots Casino has designed an incredibly zero gravity online roulette wheel which can be played in space! This incredibly intricate design could be the solution the astronauts desperately need.

Yes, it may be that no single activity will really help with the boredom, however, gambling is known for being a highly immersive activity. People have spent many long hours in casinos or betting online, and barely noticed the time passing Scientifically, this is known as a flow-activity, whereby your focus is on the game, rather than the passage of time. So perhaps the bold astronauts, manning the first ever human venture to the red planet, could prevent some boredom stress by bringing along some casino games.

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The First Casino on Mars

In addition to designing the first prototype zero gravity roulette wheel, All Slots Casino are hoping to open the very first casino on Mars. Once the red planet is colonized, it’s assumed that people living there will need the same entertainment as people on Earth, so why not give them a casino. All Slots Casino currently has a Mars Project, which is currently researching ways to make this wishful fantasy into a concrete reality.

All Slots Casino

As well as planning to be an interplanetary enterprise, All Slots Casino is already a great company here on Earth. They are powered by Microgaming Software, which provides customers with the full selection of games. Their Flash version allows players to play instantly online, with no download times.

The casino boasts a massive collection of over 650 slot games and 14 progressive jackpots. Every conceivable type of slot game is instantly available, all hosted on the state of the art Microgaming platform. They also have 24/7 customer support, a wide range of payment options, and many great promotions.

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